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International Health Sites

National Health Authorities (by Region)

Asia and the Pacific

Australia: Department of Health

Australia: Therapeutic Goods Administration

Brunei: Ministry of Health

People's Republic of China: Ministry of Health (in Chinese)

People's Republic of China: State Drug Administration (in Chinese)

People's Republic of China: National Institute for the Control of Pharmaceutical and Biological Products (in Chinese)

People's Republic of China: Ministry of Agriculture (in Chinese)

Fiji: Ministry of Health

Hong Kong: Department of Health

India: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

India: Central Drug Standards Control Organisation

India: Ministry of Food and Consumer Affairs

Indonesia: Ministry of Health

Japan: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Japan: Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Evaluation Center

Japan: Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

Korea: Food and Drug Administration

Malaysia: Ministry of Health

Malaysia: National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau

New Zealand: Ministry of Health

New Zealand: Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority

New Zealand: Food Safety Authority

Papua New Guinea: Department of Health

Philippines: Department of Health

Philippines: National Food Authority

Singapore: Ministry of Health

Singapore: Health Sciences Authority

Singapore: Ministry of Environment (food control)

Sri Lanka: Ministry of Health

Taiwan: Department of Health

Taiwan: National Laboratories of Foods and Drugs (in Chinese)

Thailand: Ministry of Public Health

Thailand: Food and Drug Administration

Thailand: Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operatives


 European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal Products

European Commission: DG Enterprise

European Commission: DG Enterprise: Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics

European Commission: DG Health and Consumer Protection

Andorra: Ministry of Health and Welfare (in Catalan)

Armenia: Ministry of Health

Armenia: Drug and Medical Technology Agency

Austria: Secretariat of Health (in German)

Belgium: Ministry of Social Affairs, Public Health and the Environment

Belgium: Pharmaceutical Inspectorate

Belgium: Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain

Bulgaria: Ministry of Health (in Bulgarian)

Bulgaria: Drug Agency

Croatia: Ministry of Health

Czech Republic: Ministry of Health (in Czech)

Czech Republic: State Institute for Drug Control

Denmark: Ministry of Health

Denmark: Medicines Agency

Denmark: Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries

Denmark: Veterinary and Food Administration

Estonia: Ministry of Social Affairs

Estonia: State Agency of Medicines

Finland: Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

Finland: National Agency for Medicines

Finland: National Food Administration

France: Ministry of Health (in French)

France: Sanitary Safety of Health Products Agency (in French)

France: National Agency for Veterinary Medicinal Products

Georgia: Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Protection

Georgia: Ministry of Agriculture and Products

Germany: Ministry of Health

Germany: Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices

Germany: Robert Koch Institute (in German)

Germany: Paul Ehrlich Institute (in German)

Germany: Federal Institute for Risk Assessment

Germany: Ministry of Consumer Protection, Food and Agriculture

Greece: Ministry of Health and Welfare (in Greek)

Greece: National Organization for Medicines

Greece: Hellenic Food Authority

Greece: Hellenic Ministry of Agriculture

Hungary: Ministry of Health, Social and Family Affairs

Hungary: National Institute of Pharmacy

Iceland: Ministry of Health and Social Security

Iceland: Medicines Control Agency

Iceland: Environmental and Food Agency

Ireland: Department of Health and Children

Ireland: Medicines Board

Ireland: Food Safety Authority

Ireland: Agriculture and Food Development Authority

Italy: Ministry of Health (in Italian)

Italy: National Institute of Health

Latvia: State Agency of Medicines

Lithuania: Ministry of Health

Lithuania: State Medicines Control Agency

Luxembourg: Ministry of Health (in French)

Luxembourg: Food Safety (in French)

Malta: Ministry of Health

Netherlands: Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport

Netherlands: Medicines Evaluation Board

Netherlands: Inspectorate for Health Protection and Veterinary Public Health

Norway: Ministry of Health and Social Affairs

Norway: Norwegian Board of Health

Norway: Food Control Authority (in Norwegian)

Norway: Norwegian Medicines Agency (in Norwegian)

Norway: Ministry of Agriculture

Poland: Ministry of Health and Social Security (in Polish)

Poland: Drug Institute

Poland: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

Portugal: Ministry of Health (in Portuguese)

Portugal: National Institute of Pharmacy and Medicines (in Portuguese)

Romania: Ministry of Health and the Family (in Romanian)

Russian Federation: Ministry of Public Health (in Russian)

San Marino: Ministry of Health and Social Security (in Italian)

Slovak Republic: Ministry of Health (in Slovak)

Slovak Republic: State Institute for Drug Control

Slovak Republic: Ministry of Agriculture

Slovak Republic: State Veterinary and Food Administration (in Slovak)

Slovenia: Ministry of Public Health (in Slovenian)

Slovenia: Institute of Public Health

Slovenia: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food

Spain: Ministry of Health and Consumption (in Spanish)

Spain: Spanish Drug Agency

Sweden: Medical Products Agency

Sweden: National Board of Health and Welfare

Sweden: National Food Administration

Sweden: Ministry of Agriculture

 Switzerland: Federal Office of Public Health

Switzerland: Agency for Therapeutic Products

Switzerland: Federal Veterinary Office

Switzerland: Federal Office for Agriculture

Turkey: Ministry of Health (in Turkish)

Turkey: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

Ukraine: Ministry of Health

UK: Department of Health

UK: Health Protection Agency

UK: Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency

UK: National Institute for Biological Standards and Control

UK: Food Standards Agency

UK: Veterinary Medicines Directorate

Middle East

Bahrain: Ministry of Health

Israel: Ministry of Health

Israel: Ministry of Industry and Trade

Jordan: Ministry of Health

Lebanon: Ministry of Health

Palestinian Authority: Ministry of Health

Saudi Arabia: Ministry of Health

United Arab Emirates: Ministry of Health

United Arab Emirates: Federal Department of Pharmacies

Yemen: Ministry of Public Health & Population


Benin: Ministry of Health (in French)

Botswana: Ministry of Health

Egypt: Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation

Ghana: Ministry of Health

Ghana: Ministry of Food and Agriculture

Kenya: Ministry of Health

Maldives: Ministry of Health

Mauritius: Ministry of Health & Quality of Life

Mauritius: Ministry of Agriculture, Food Technology & Natural Resources

Morocco: Ministry of Public Health (in French)

Namibia: Ministry of Health and Social Services

Namibia: Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources

Senegal: Ministry of Health, Hygiene and Prevention (in French)

South Africa: Department of Health

Swaziland: Ministry of Health and Social Welfare

Tanzania: Ministry of Health

Tunisia: Ministry of Public Health (in French)

Tunisia: Office of Pharmacy and Medicines (in French)

Uganda: Ministry of Health

Zimbabwe: Ministry of Health and Child Welfare


Argentina: Ministry of Health (in Spanish)

Argentina: National Administration of Drugs, Foods and Medical Technology (in Spanish)

Belize: Ministry of Health

Bolivia: Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (in Spanish)

Brazil: Ministry of Health (in Portuguese)

Brazil: National Health Surveillance Agency (in Portuguese)

Brazil: Fundacao Oswaldo Cruz

Canada: Health Products and Food Branch

Canada: Food Inspection Agency

Chile: Health Ministry (in Spanish)

Chile: Institute of Public Health (in Spanish)

Colombia: Ministry of Health (in Spanish)

Colombia: INVIMA Instituto Nacional de Vigilancia de Medicamentos y Alimentos (in Spanish)

Costa Rica: Ministry of Health (in Spanish)

Dominican Republic: Ministry of Agriculture (in Spanish)

Ecuador: Ministry of Public Health (in Spanish)

El Salvador: Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance (in Spanish)

El Salvador: Ministry of Agriculture (in Spanish)

Guatemala: Ministry of Health (in Spanish)

Guyana: Ministry of Health

Guyana: National Bureau of Standards

Jamaica: Ministry of Health

Mexico: Ministry of Health (in Spanish)

Mexico: Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks (in Spanish)

 Netherlands Antilles: Department of Public Health and Environmental Protection

Nicaragua: Ministry of Health (in Spanish)

Panama: Ministry of Health (in Spanish)

Peru: Ministry of Health (in Spanish)

Peru: General Directorate of Pharmaceuticals, Devices and Drugs (in Spanish)

St. Lucia: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment

Trinidad and Tobago: Ministry of Health

Trinidad & Tobago: Bureau of Standards

Uruguay: Ministry of Public Health (in Spanish)

Venezuela: Ministry of Health and Social Development (in Spanish)

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