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TSE / BSE Risk and Regulations in Pharmaceuticals- by Mr.Saravanaraja Subramanian. Download

Good Documentation Practices- by Mr.Vikram Joshi. Download

Regulatory Filings of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients - An Eagle's eye view [US and Europe] by Mr.Saravanaraja Subramanian. Download

A presentation on Cleanroom Standards by Mr.S.Syed Noor Mohamed. Download

A presentation on Cleanroom Basics by Mr.S.Syed Noor Mohamed. Download

A presentation on Mass Measurement by Mr.Vikram Joshi. Download

Penicillin Issues (from cGMP Notes). Download

Q7A: Questions and Answers by PDA. Download

A presentation on pH by Mr.Vikram Joshi. Download

Equipment Cleaning Validation Within a Multi-Product Manufacturing Facility. Download

Method Validation and Robustness. Download

MCC guidance on Cephalosporin manufacturing. Download

How to do Documentation by Dr.Damodharen. Download

Stability Studies by Dr.Damodharen. Download

Presentation on Polymorphism by G.Shanmugam. Download